Buttons Cottage Rural Retreat, Tasmania, Australia

'An intimate, serene haven breathing the cleanest air in the world. Marvel at the clear stars at night, a destination in itself'

Fendall Thompson Era

1919 – New owner and new residence built.

In addition to Button’s Cottage, Mr and Mrs Fendall Thompson built a new cottage on the eastern side of the Castra Rivulet, prior to building their main residence that was built in 1922.

Hut and Garden Feb 1919 now referred to as the Honeymoon Cottage

Honeymoon Cottage -1919

The Honeymoon Cottage comprised of a living room, main and small bedroom,featuring an eastern and northern verandah is named as it is understood that the Mr and Mrs Fendall Thompson first lived there following their marriage.

The cottage was lined from blackwood palings split from the paddock known as Starvation and carried by Mr Ron Gardner on his back to the site. The palings were never painted and with the verandah and small English style windows it was quite dark yet most enchanting inside.

Exterior view

+  Northern View
Western View
Interior view
Living room north western aspect with late afternoon sunshine
Living room south western aspect

Gaunts Homestead

Lady Gaunt’s ParlourMr and Mrs Fendall Thompson built the homestead residence in 1922 adjacent to the 
Honeymoon Cottage. This became the main residence on Gaunts for 56 years.

The original homestead was built with the timber milled from the farm. The external weatherboards were milled and placed undressed on the building. They were oiled for protection that gave it an old world atmosphere with a hallmark of English appearance. Internal features included blackwood beams (one that is now located in the renovated Button’s Cottage) and built in blackwood bookcase and staircase.


Foundations of new cottage now referred to as the Original Gaunts Homestead
Established Homestead
Eastern aspect
Northern and Eastern aspects
The garden
The farm


Lady Gaunt’s Parlour
Lady Gaunt’s Kitchen


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